HANAN Pure Sunflowers Oil

This is a perfect and smart blend of healthy oils with Sunflower oil. Reasonably high mono unsaturated content makes it stable under extreme cooking conditions. This oil ensures the health benefits with great palatability of food cooked with it. It helps reduce LDL and keeps serum cholesterol under control.

HANAN Pure Canola Oil

Versatile Oil, with lowest saturated Fatty Acids and highest mono unsaturated Fatty Acids. Additional benefit of Omega 3 fatty acids that human body cannot synthesize. It helps meeting the RDA of Omega 3 fatty acids that strengthens the body immune system to fight against diseases. Because of its excellent composition it is highly recommended for healthy and sturdy heart.

HANAN Pure Corn Oil

A blend with all health benefits of corn oil that is considered to be the best oil from health perspective. This blend ensures the higher Oleic Acid which is the most beneficent fatty acid. This blend is highly suitable for all cooking and frying process. Health and taste go together with this blend.