Z-LIGHT Pure Sunflowers Oil

Healthy Oil with all health benefits. Light in digestion and heart friendly. It contains high amount of Omega 6 fatty acids which is considered to be supportive in controlling blood cholesterol. Highly stable oil under extreme cooking conditions. Fortified with vitamins A , D & E

Z-LIGHT Pure Canola Oil

Versatile Oil, with lowest saturated Fatty Acids and highest mono unsaturated Fatty Acids. Additional benefit of Omega 3 fatty acids that human body cannot synthesize. It helps meeting the RDA of Omega 3 fatty acids that strengthens the body immune system to fight against diseases. Because of its excellent composition it is highly recommended for healthy and sturdy heart.

Z-LIGHT Pure Corn Oil

Oil extracted from Golden Corn. With low saturated Fatty Acids and high Omega 6 Fatty acids. It has many health benefits especially for healthy and sturdy heart. Has ability to control serum cholesterol. It gives natural flavor of food. It is highly stable and sustains its quality under extreme conditions of cooking and storage. Fortified with natural Vitamin E and vitamins A & D.